Do you offer an installation warranty? Yes, we offer a 6 year installation warranty along with a 6 year manufacturer warranty on all convertible tops. Other local upholsters only offer 5 years. However, we are able to offer you more since we use quality materials, and tools. Warranty sheets are located in our front office.

What quality materials and tools are you referring to? We use stainless steel staples so that they do not rust or cause damage to the material if they have contact with water. We use DAP® Landau Top & Trim High Heat Resistant Contact Cement as our preferred choice of industrilized glue. Which is applied with our wonderful industrial duty pneumatic pop rivet gun.

My glass window is loose can you glue it back? If the "glass " window is still actually attached to the top it can be temporarily re-glued. However remember that this is just temporary. This will allow you just enough time to save the money you need for a new top that comes with a new window hot-sealed to it with 6 year manufacturer warranty.

What methods of payment do you accept? 

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. In addition to cash and personal checks.

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I don't know if my top is cloth or vinyl. How can I tell? Then try this easy test method. Place water on your convertible top and rub gently with your fingers.

How do I clean my top?

Where can I write a review about my experience?